WFNS Foundation DONATIONS helping neurosurgical units in remote areas

The current international situation due to the COVID pandemic hampers the distribution of medical sets in certain areas of the world. The staff of our Central Office (Ms. T. Chen & Ms. Ling) managed to overcome one more time this situation and finally a set of instruments was delivered to Chad.

Prof. Imad N. Kanaan

What is the situation in Chad regarding neurosurgery?

Chad is a country located in the heart of Africa between Libya in the north; sudan in the east , cameroon, the central african republic and nigeria in the south and niger in the east

Neurosurgery took its first steps in this country in the early 2000s and then died out. It was not until the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 that this specialty could take place thanks to expatriate neurosurgeons.

The first Chadian neurosurgeons trained returned to Chad in 2015 and then in 2017. With the arrival of 3 new neurosurgeons this year (2021), Chad currently has a total of 5 neurosurgeons in two hospitals in the capital (Ndjamena) for 16,000,000 inhabitants

Neurosurgical activity focuses on the  spinal and cranial trauma, degenerative diseases of the spine,  tumor conditions, malformative affections, infectious diseases, Vascular disorders,  Disorders of peripheral nerves.

And the medical situation at this moment?

The population is poor and has no health insurance, all care is charged to patient, except emergency deliveries, all emegency cases and for pediatric neurosurgery wich is on charge for some cases on charge of health ministry. I would like to point out that although emergency care is free, patients pay a sum for certain medical acts. Although being at the Renaissance hospital my colleague and I, since end of 2017 until today we have been working free of charge in another large public hospital in the city (Ndjamena) called “the Mother and Child Hospital   ”Hopital de la mère et de l’enfant” for free for management of some cases of pediatric neurosurgery (head injury, hydrocephalus doing shunt, spina bifida.. cephalocele) with general surgical instruments, analgesics and antibiotics are sometime provided by charitable institutions

For all the adult neurorosurgical cases, the management for the moment is done only  in “Hopital la renaissance de Ndjari”. The prices vary according to the type of intervention and are set by the hospital administration and can reach 500,000 fCFA (757 euros)  for the expensive interventions.

Drs Yannick C. Kessely (Neurosurgeon) /Abdelsalam

How many hospitals do you have? What about the doctors?

Chad is organized into Regions and it has 23 regions. In each region there is a regional hospital, therefore 23 regional hospitals at all.

In the capital there are 12 hospitals (3 University hospitals, 4 hospitals ( Chad-China hospital, Hopital Notre Dame des apôtres,  Le bon Samaritain hospital, King Faycal hospital + 5 DISTRICT HOSPITALS)

There are 1,635 doctors practicing in Chad.

How does it feel to work for livelihood and health?

life is sacred, See the smile on the face of a cured patient, constitute a privilege

It is a privilege to work for the improvement of the health status of patients; when we see them restore it is nice

What neurodiagnostic equipment do you have?

All neurodiagnostic equipment is countered in one city, the capital. There are currently 3 functional scanners and an MRI. We do not currently have the material for performing arteriography

Cranial Set WFNS

Do you believe that, in neurosurgery, you should first master the basic consolidated operative techniques and then incorporate the newest techniques?

I agree, it is an important message, otherwise the outcome will be catastrophic.

How is the medical contribution of the WFNS Foundation assessed?

The medical contribution of the WFNS helps with the care for the moment in two hospitals: Renaissance hospital or a neurosurgery unit has been open since 2014 and the mother and child hospital which does not have neurosurgeons and where children are cared for free thanks to the donation of the WFNS for neurosurgical conditions.

What will it be used for exactly?

The equipment received since February 2021 has made it possible to take charge of the trauma; degenerative spine and neural tube defect malformations (hydrocephalus; spina bifida …)

Who will digest it?

The equipment is domiciled at the Renaissance Hospital and under the supervision of the neurosurgeons of this hospital

What other projects do you currently have?

The challenges are enormous and we want to gradually move towards endoscopy and stereotaxis and improve the management of neuro-vascular conditions

Operating Room team thanking WFNS