One of the most appreciated pieces of equipment is the Neurosurgical Drill Set. XISHAN is a Chinese company marketing a very efficient drill recently incorporated into WFNS Foundation donations (see the picture witnessing the day of signing the contract Foundation-Xishan at Beijing Interim Meeting).

This is very solid equipment that offers a complete set of attachments and tools, very useful for any kind of neurosurgical procedure. We interview Mr. Guo Yijun, Founder and General Manager of Xishan who made a reality this contribution to Neurosurgery in developing countries.

Prof Guo Yijun

How is your relationship with the WFNS FOUNDATION?

WFNS has a long history, gathering the elites in the neurosurgery field from the five continents, represents the neurosurgeons all over the world. XISHAN has become the official supplier of WFNS for neurosurgical power devices in 2019 and has been cooperating with WFNS to provide a high-quality and good-performance neurosurgical high-speed burring system to the areas that are technologically underdeveloped. As of today, WFNS and XISHAN have jointly provided customized neurosurgical power devices to Rwanda, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, and Kenya. In the future, XISHAN hopes can continue cooperating with WFNS, exert our own strengths and energies, to provide every hospital in the world which is in need with the advanced minimally invasive neurosurgical device.

With what vision was created XISHAN?

XISHAN was originally created to bring some advanced surgical equipment to Chinese doctors for helping patients’ recovery, but later on, considering the long-term development and the gap of Chinese domestic high-end medical devices, XISHAN embarked on the road of independent research and development, by which we hope could contribute to human health.

How is innovation valued at XISHAN?

Innovation is the first driving force of XISHAN, which leads the direction of our development. From only an electric craniotomy machine to the surgical power device that covered neurosurgery, ENT, orthopedic, spine, breast surgery; From only surgical power device to the endoscope, stapler, breast biopsy, and rotary resection system, ultrasonic bone scalpel system, plasma surgical system, energy surgical system; XISHAN keeps investing 20% of annual turnover in product development and innovation every year, which exceeds the industry level. It was the continuous pursuit of product innovation and the spirit of research standing from the perspective of doctors and patients that make us build up and get here today.  

Powered Surgical Tools for Neurosurgery-DKNMS

What is the scope of the company’s activity?

XISHAN mainly develop, manufacture and sale minimally invasive surgical equipment and tools, the scope of our product covered neurosurgery, ENT, orthopedic, spine, breast surgery, etc.

XISHAN is a manufacturer, what have you invented?

XISHAN has been developing and manufacturing medical devices for over 20 years, during which we obtained a number of pioneering invention patents, for example, we have lateral burring technology, suspended oscillating sawing technology, magnetic driving technology, which are all our patented technology. The lateral burring technology is to change the direction of the burring head during surgery for decompression of operation site, achieving by the driving components that changing the burring direction. This technology could strongly promote the development of China’s endoscopic spinal minimally invasive technology. As of today, XISHAN has applied 111 invention patents, this number is keeping increasing and will be more in the future.

What countries is your market in?

XISHAN’s market is all over the world. In the first 10 years, China is the main market of XISHAN, in recent years, XISHAN invested more in international sales and marketing and has been recognized by many countries. So far, XISHAN products have been exported to more than 20 countries, Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East all have our market layout.

You are the winner of the «Chinese Patent Excellence Award». How many patents do you have?

As of today, XISHAN has applied for 913 patents in total, and the authorized patent number is 768, we have patents among utility models, inventions, and designs. Comparing with global brands, XISHAN ranks as No. 1 of our 482 patent disclosures among the category of surgical power device, this data comes from the State Intellectual Property Office.

However, the patent number is not what XISHAN pursue, our original intention is always to empower surgeons and contribute to patients’ recovery by continuous innovation and development.

What differentiates you from the other firms?

There are 3 ‘transformative moments’ that XISHAN experienced since buildup: the 1st moment is to decide to give up trade and only focus on the manufacturing industry, the 2nd moment is to decide to give up other medical products like blood analyzers, semen analyzers, etc., only focus on the road of developing surgical power device, the 3rd moment is to determine the idea of ‘specific design of every department’ for the products development, differs from the universal integrated machine of other brands, XISHAN specially designed mainframe for each clinical department for more accurately fitting their functions and needs, it could be said that XISHAN was getting more and more specific and professional. The things that differentiate us from other companies might be that we give up rapid profits, and dedicated ourselves to the ultimate profession.

How many productos does XISHAN have?

So far, XISHAN’s products on market include surgical power devices, endoscopes, staplers, breast biopsy, and rotary resection system, total of 15 models, of which accessories and tools have more than 2,000 types.

The products that have been successfully developed and are in the pre-market registration stage include energy surgical equipment, plasma surgical systems, radiofrequency surgical systems, ultrasonic bone scalpel systems, and intraoperative neuro-electric monitoring systems; also include complementary innovative products for the products that already on the market, such as surgical power device for gynecology, urology, and high-performance integrated endoscope system, etc., 12 models in total.

What is the best product that XISHAN offers to neurosurgeons?

XISHAN could provide a whole surgical solution for neurosurgeons, which include neurosurgical power devices, neurosurgical endoscopes, energy surgical systems, neurosurgical monitoring systems, endoscopic surgical instruments, and numbers of tools for drilling, cutting, burring, shaving functions.

Auto-stop cranial perforator

Will you soon be world leaders in surgical technology?

XISHAN’s phased goal is to become the whole solution provider of minimally invasive surgical tools in the year 2025 and to become the whole solution provider of minimally invasive medical instruments in the year 2035, at that time the scope of the product will be expanded to more than surgical equipment. XISHAN is the pioneer of surgical power tools in China among surgical power technology field, and will continuously innovate, but there is still a certain distance from the ‘world leader’ because there are countless great companies all over the world keeping striving for it too, XISHAN shall also learn from each other with these companies and lead the improvement of surgical technology in the world together.

Picture taken the day of the signing contract with XISHAN at Beijing Congress (Sept 2019)