Dear friends of the international community: Only a few words to acknowledge the many readers and participants contributing to the success of the “WFNS Foundation Gazette”. 
Since its inception, the “Gazette” has been trying to report about the activities of the WFNS Foundation with special regard to education and promotion of Neurosurgery in the underprivileged areas of the world. 
Although COVID-19 has hampered our goals, WFNS education and donation of neurosurgical equipment have not been stopped. I’d like to thank the Central Office (Ms. Teresa Chen and Ms. Ling), the heart of our organization, for the tireless and fruitful activity in the middle of many difficulties during this time. 
Last, but not least, my personal support and very best wishes to the new leadership of the WFNS Foundation (M. Qureshi, G. Russeau, J. Lafuente) under the guidance of Basant Misra, the new Chairman of WFNS Foundation.


Miguel A. Arraez


WFNS Foundation