Our first words are addressed to those who are working in remote areas in difficult conditions, still with the immense pressure of COVID interfering in all modalities of neurosurgical care. We hope this nightmare that made the world stop will end very soon. Some of the activities of the Foundation keep going as donations of instruments and sets, but the very popular international program of visitors to the Postgraduate Training Center is still suspended waiting for secure more conditions regarding the pandemic all over the world.

Lastly, as my term of Chairman of the WFNS Foundation has finished, I’d like to thank all neurosurgeons who have helped the Foundation to achieve its goals since many positions and activities (donors, director of training centers, medical industry) with special emphasis on the colleagues at friends at the Foundation Executive and Advisory Board. Needless to say, how much I have appreciated the outstanding and exemplary job of the WFNS Central Office, done by Ms. T. Chen and Ms. Ling. I’d like to express my gratitude to the whole WFNS organization for having given me the immense honor to serve in such an elevated position.

With my warmest regards,

Miguel A. Arraez

WFNS Foundation