Dear friends of the WFNS Foundation:

One and a half years after the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the world is still moving on and we all are dreaming of the restart of what used to be “routine”. Vaccination is progressively protecting more and more citizens, although developing countries are behind the ideal situation. The WFNS Foundation Gazette keeps going trying to illustrate the activities and opportunities to improve Neurosurgery in developing countries, from education to the implementation of neurosurgical equipment in remote areas in need.

We’d like to call attention to the growing interest from our young colleagues in the Postgraduate training centers, a network of departments all around the world where a fellowship period can be spent with the provision of food and accommodation. The program was suspended due to pandemics, but applications did accumulate and now we have more than 250 pending applications.

Please, visit WFNS.ORG and see how to join us to become a Postgraduate Training Center.

Miguel A. Arraez


WFNS Foundation